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So many feels in that first Book 4 clip

Endless Kataang Moments (1/?): “Kataango”

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That dynamic duo, street artists Os Gemeos (Portuguese for the twins)turned six large silos in the industrial area of Granville Island,Canada into their distinctive characters.  Each 75-foot-tall cylinder features a different character, dressed in vibrant colors and bold patterns. 

It was unveiled on September 7th as part of Os Gemeos’ international series, Giants, their largest undertaking to date. The art project was organized by the Vancouver Biennale as part of their city-wide effort to convert urban landscapes into open air exhibitions across the city.

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I just could not get out of bed this morning…


Last Call! less than 2 hours left to grab one then they’re gone foreverrrr.

SIGNED PRINT RELEASE: “Daenerys”  - by Sam Spratt

So I know I’ve been super bad about doing signed prints, I just really don’t like selling you stuff, so sorry about that. I partnered with 1xrun again (they handled Gilded) and did a *beautiful* job on the printing while also letting me keep it actually affordable. The edition is timed and will be up until September 16th. Ships internationally, they do an amazing job to avoid print damage even in those long treks, and the archival pigment print is on this thick ass 16” x 24” 310gsm Museum Natural Fine Art Paper which picks up the color, texture, and wooshiness really well. So share around, you can snag one at the link above or HERE and let me know if you have any questions about it that aren’t answered on the page. Thanks, all!

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Drinking a PBR and watching Archer.